Scottish Government to spend £195m to help home buyers get on property market

September 16, 2015

In By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

The successor to the current Help to Buy scheme from the Scottish Government has been announced, with the government to spend £195m over the next three years in a new shared equity scheme to help around 6,500 home buyers buy a new-build home. There are terms and conditions attaching such that not all first time purchasers will qualify. Equally only registered builders will come within the scheme and affordable housing is the target for the funding.

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A look at the work at the Chapelton development: how is the new village coming along?

September 09, 2015

In Property news, North East News By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

There has been major housing development in recent years in the North East of Scotland, in order to meet the rising housing demand across the region. The most comprehensive in recent years has been the Chapelton Development by Elsick Development Company (EDC), which, when complete, will provide 4,045 houses according to the initial masterplan – it is expected that the site, just to the South of Aberdeen, will comprise 8,000 houses once completed.

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What will changes to the Haudagain roundabout mean for Aberdeen?

September 02, 2015

In North East News By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

If you live in or near Aberdeen, you’ve probably used the Haudagain Roundabout – and possibly hated the experience.

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How does an interest rate rise affect home owners?

August 26, 2015

In Property news By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

Interest rates and, consequently mortgage rates have been at very low levels for a while now – and the thought that rates may rise has led to some concern for house buyers and owners alike.

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What you should look for when renting a property

August 20, 2015

In By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

Whether it’s the first property you’re renting, or you’re an old hand at the renting game, it can still be difficult to find the perfect property.

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