About us

The original concept of ASPC was very simple:  to bring together all properties for sale and rent by solicitor firms in the area, under one roof, in order to make it as easy as possible for house-hunters to find their next home.

Over 50 years on and today, that original and simple concept is still at the very heart of everything we do.  Our primary purpose is to be of service to the public and as such, we don’t exist to make a profit for shareholders.  All revenue from insertion fees stays within the Centre and is reinvested in technology to further enhance the website and the property buying/selling process for everyone in the North East and beyond, using our services.

The Centre

At times, it’s hard to believe that ASPC began as a modest “shop” on the corner of Alford Lane & Holburn Street, however as the first Solicitors Property Centre to be established anywhere in the UK, the concept has gone on to become more than we ever imagined.

The current Centre, at Holburn Junction, is in the heart of the city centre and offers an unrivalled range of facilities.  There are search stations, including simple to use touch screens giving quick access to properties listed for sale and rent as well as other useful links.  The Centre staff are always available to assist members of the public. 

The Website

ASPC embraced the digital age in the 1990s and our website continues to grow with over 1.5 million property searches each month.  Through individual myASPC accounts, users are alerted to properties matching their search criteria as they come on the market and users receive real-time updates for properties saved to favourite lists.  The website is under continuous development to ensure that new technologies are adopted in order to provide the highest level of service to the house-hunting public.

Our Community

We are dedicated to the North East community and over the years, are pleased to have supported many worthy causes, that make a real difference at a local level and benefit the area that we all live in.  Information about the charities we are currently supporting can be read here.