New build house builders in the Aberdeenshire Area

Below you’ll find links to popular suppliers of new build homes in the Aberdeen and greater Aberdeenshire area.

Visit their sites for the latest news on current and upcoming new build developments and to find contact details for their sales teams.

New Builds FAQs

  • New builds will comply with the latest building standards and regulations. A completion certificate will be issued by the local authority, following a number of checks made by the building inspector. Most property builders provide a snagging period after entry.
  • Modern homes are generally more energy efficient than other properties, with around 80% of new homes delivered being given energy efficiency ratings of A or B. Helping new build owners save money in the long term.
  • That depends at which stage you talk to the housebuilder. If your house is complete, then there will be little difference between the timescale for buying a second-hand house and a new build. If however the property development has just started, there can be delays in completion of the house caused by adverse weather, shortage of materials and labour, and other factors
  • That will depend on market conditions. In general most medium to large developers issue standard contracts for sale and will generally not accept variations. In a buyers’ market however, many builders will be prepared to negotiate on certain aspects – usually in the form of incentives, where discounts or extras such as upgraded gardens, kitchens or floor coverings may be offered. To make the most of your negotiations, here is a list of some helpful tips:
    • Do your research before you negotiate
    • Don’t rush into it – build up some relationship and take some time to go away and think about it
    • Negotiate on extras – Some developers may throw in a furnishings package or offer to pay for legal fees/LBTT which could help you save even more
    • Get it in writing – make sure whatever you negotiate you get in writing to ensure your hard work comes through in the end
    • Never sign a contract without discussing it with your solicitor first.
  • We understand that it can be difficult to know what to ask when you are purchasing a home from a new build developer, so here are a few questions to help you get started:
    • What else have you built?
    • What is included in the purchase?
    • Are there any incentives?
    • Do I get to choose the design & colours of kitchen, bathroom, paint finishes etc.?
    • Do we get to choose our own plot?
    • Will the street be finished when I move in?
    • How long will the development take to complete (current phase & total development)?
    • How many houses have been sold in the development?
    • Will the garden come finished & have fencing?
    • Are there rules when it comes to front of house, does the street need to look the same – for example no fences etc. or are there any restrictions on types of vehicles that can be parked on the driveway?
    • What services will there be in the area (eg. shops, schools, bus service)?
    • What is the internet speed in the locality? Are there recommended providers?
    • What utilities are installed in the development?
    • Is the builder registered with the NHBC (National Home Builders’ Council)?
    • What is the council tax band of the property?
    • Will there be a service charge (factoring fee) for maintenance of communal areas / grounds.
    • What are the parking arrangements?
    • Can I use my own conveyancer?
    • Can I have that in writing?