How to make moving easy for your pets

April 25, 2017

In Buying a house By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

It can be all too human to overlook the effect on a pet when you’re caught up in the excitement of a new home, but as a member of your family it’s important to think about their needs during a move as well as your own. Follow our tips for a stress-free move for your pet.

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What to consider when choosing home insurance

April 13, 2017

In Buying a house, Guest bloggers By Alan Allsop

Buying a house or a flat can be tricky. But the financial considerations don’t end once you have put your offer in: you have home insurance to consider! We asked Alan Allsop, Private Client Manager at PIB Insurance Brokers, to provide an overview of what insurance is, and what to look out for.

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Over £80m raised from Additional Dwelling Supplement in first year

April 11, 2017

In Property news By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

It’s been a year since the Additional Dwelling Supplement (ADS) was launched in Scotland – as part of “a fairer” tax regime for property acquisition.

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River Dee – Why it’s Muriel Thomson’s favourite view

April 04, 2017

In Discover By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

This year, our ASPC calendar consists of a unique collection of images which represent personal significance for people with a special connection to our wonderful North East. Every month, we’ll take a look at the reason why that month’s view is so special and highlight the beautiful photograph by photographer Ray Smith.

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Five places to visit during Aberdeen's spring holidays

March 30, 2017

In Discover By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

It's the Easter holiday in Aberdeen! ASPC takes a look at five things you can do to keep the family entertained this week!

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