Old Aberdeen Community Council to oppose student flat plans: is there too much student accommodation in Aberdeen?

January 20, 2016

In North East News By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

Old Aberdeen Community Council is set to oppose plans for new student accommodation on a site currently occupied by a First Bus depot and bus park in light of suggestions that there is too much student accommodation in the city.

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Five things you need to know before buying a family home

January 13, 2016

In Buying a house, Homes and Gardens By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

House buying or renting priorities change when you have children – there is so much more you need to take into consideration when looking at both the property itself and the surrounding areas. To help you find the perfect home for your family, we take a look at five things to consider when you’re planning your next move with your family.

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Five hidden costs of buying a home

January 06, 2016

In By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

So, you’re thinking of buying a house or flat – congratulations! You will, of course, be searching ASPC for your dream property, probably using the myASPC function to keep track of your favourites. While you should look at properties slightly over your budget, in case you may find a “bargain”, beware of thinking a mortgage is your only cost.

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Five tips for protecting your house from winter weather

December 30, 2015

In Property news, Homes and Gardens By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

Burst pipes, frozen pipes, flooding…there are a multitude of issues which can plague your home in the cold winter weather.

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Buying a house in Scotland - Part Three: Making an offer

December 23, 2015

In By John MacRae, Chairman of ASPC

So, you have found a house you really like, your funding is in place and you and your solicitor have taken steps to sound out the seller. You will find yourself in one of two situations, broadly speaking: either the seller is in the fortunate position of having more than one party wanting to buy, or you are the only interested party.

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