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Selling your property

From thinking about moving to putting your house on the market, our step-by-step selling guide offers advice to help you throughout the process.

Selling your property


When you’re looking to sell your property, the first step you should take is to see your solicitor. If you don’t already have a solicitor, a full list of all aspc member firms is available on this website, in the Property Register, or at the Centre in Chapel Street.

Solicitors’ charges, which are determined individually by each firm, are invariably competitive. They are designed to ensure that the public in the North East of Scotland can obtain the highest possible quality of service consistent with the standards of excellence and integrity that are expected from the legal profession. There are many aspects to consider when selling your property. Your solicitor will have an in-depth knowledge of the current market and will be able to guide and advise you about a number of important aspects.

Your solicitor can:

  • Prepare the Home Report, including Energy Performance Certificates
  • Prepare the schedule of particulars
  • Insert the property into aspc
  • Assist with the viewing of the property (if required)
  • Negotiate the best possible price for your property

Into the process — Do's

  • Take your solicitor's advice on how best to price your property for sale
  • Be assured that your solicitor understands the current marketplace
  • Be assured that your solicitor will make all necessary legal checks on your property before it is marketed
  • Be assured that your solicitor will guide you carefully when offers are received in terms of any negotiations that may be necessary, through to completion of the sale, including discharging any loan which may be outstanding on your property

Into the process — Don'ts

  • Hesitate to ask questions! Selling a property is a complex business and your solicitor will be pleased to clarify any points you are unsure about.