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Top 10 tips for maximising your property’s potential

Putting your property on the market? Highlight your home’s best features with Homedresser’s top 10 tips for sellers:

Top 10 tips for maximising your property’s potential

Putting your property on the market? Highlight your home’s best features with Homedresser’s top 10 tips for sellers:

1. Kerb kudos

Appraise the approach to your home. Contact the council about any potholes and ensure your street sign isn’t obscured by overgrown greenery. Clear litter and weeds from nearby pavements and ask yourself the following: Is your house name or number clearly visible? Are the pathways, steps and front door clean and free of trip hazards? Once everything’s pristine, add a fresh basket of flowers, then test the doorbell.

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2. Clear the clutter

The importance of decluttering cannot be over-emphasised.  Show homes ‘work’ because they are free of day-to-day debris. Emulate this effect by sorting through your own possessions. Can’t bear to part with certain items? Store them in boxes in the loft or garage.  Extend your clear-out to cupboards and drawers. Discerning viewers will notice any overflow and assume you have a lack of storage space.

3. Fit for purpose

Ensure each room has a specific purpose.  If you’re marketing your third bedroom as a double, lose the rowing machine and drum kit and replace them with a double bed.

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4. Keep it clean

Clean your home from top to bottom, inside and out.  A sparkling property suggests diligent owners.

5. Make time for maintenance

Touch up any scuffs, fill holes and tighten loose fittings and handles. Replace any fused bulbs.  Viewers should feel that your home will be easy to move into.

6. Light fantastic

Help viewers visualise how their furniture might look in your home by giving them a blank canvas. Pale, neutral wall colours also help rooms feel larger.

7. Don’t get personal

Remove family photographs, sporting memorabilia and religious displays.  Such items can put people off – albeit subconsciously. Keep these personal treasures safely in storage for your next home.

8. Pet hates

Not everyone is an animal lover. Some suffer from allergies or fears, so ask a friend or neighbour to look after your pet during viewings.  Feeding bowls, pet beds and photographs should also be removed.

9. Sniff test

Most homes have their own aroma.  Thorough cleaning (see point 4) will banish most odours. Ask a candid friend for their opinion too.

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10. Great outdoors

Mow the lawn. Weed. Power wash paths and driveways, and paint fences and decking. Set the scene in your viewers’ minds by staging an al fresco entertaining area with a table and chairs.  Then cross your fingers for a sunny day!


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