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Preparing your home for professional photographs

Gary Small of First Photographics, Kintore gives useful advice to property sellers on preparing your house for the visit of a photographer.

Preparing your home for professional photographs

First Impressions

In today’s market, prospective purchasers access the website of ASPC to find details of nearly all houses for sale in the North East. The vast majority of purchasers use the website to compile their short list of properties to view, and they arrive at their short list by relying heavily on the photographs displayed. Because of the importance of the photographs, it is highly advisable, if not essential, to use a good quality, professional, photographer. Here, Gary Small of First Photographics, Kintore gives useful advice on preparing your house for the visit of the photographer.

Less is more 

One of the biggest reasons people give for moving house is lack of space in their current home. If potential buyers can discern this from looking at the photographs it may put them off. The simplest way to avoid this is to declutter every room that is being photographed. Whether you hide belongings in cupboards/garages or have things packed into a box and ready to drag out the room when the photographer arrives, it is guaranteed to help create a more spacious appearance.

For example-

Living room-Removing some family photos, ornaments, TV remote, knick-knacks, magazines, and opening blinds/curtains helps create a feeling of space.

Kitchen-Eliminating food on worktops and above kitchen units, clearing cleaning products and bins also helps emphasize the amount of storage available. Removing fridge magnets makes a huge difference obviating what can otherwise be a distraction in an image.

Bedroom- Clear away excess toys and anything that can be seen under beds, above wardrobes or on the back of doors.

Bathrooms- Removing mats instantly opens floor space as well as toiletries from countertops and in showers or along baths. Maximise space by minimising your things.

Dress to Impress

Flowers bring life, light and colour to any home; a vase can be swapped or moved around rooms to save buying multiple bunches!  Hiding cables and phone chargers can really help to improve aesthetics along with fresh bed linen and towels.  Check all bulbs in wall, ceiling and desktop lamps are in working order as this adds warmth and ambience, a top tip for any seller. Where possible, lighting a fire adds a tranquil atmosphere, try to create the ideal lifestyle and home to which your buyers aspire.

No evidence of pets 

Almost everybody loves pets but quite often potential home buyers are the exception. So the failsafe way to deal with this is to hide all evidence of pets for the photographs. Food/water bowls, beds, leads and toys should all be removed for the images as you want your home to appeal to as wide a market as possible. 


The garden is an important feature of any home and If kept unchecked your property can appear unkempt. Wiping down garden furniture that has not been in use or removing it from the shot is a worthy decision to consider. Cutting the grass, raking leaves and getting rid of toys and general garden clutter all helps to show it off at its best. Hiding all bins from the back and front of a property significantly improves appearances.

Fundamentally what’s key is space and your property doesn’t need to be massive to achieve that, these tips should help give you the best quality marketing photographs sit back and enjoy looking at a job well done!


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