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Five TV shows filmed in the North East

We take a look at five TV shows that were filmed in the North East of Scotland.

Five TV shows filmed in the North East

With its rich history and beautiful landscape, it is no wonder that Aberdeenshire and the surrounding North East is such a popular filming location for TV shows, as well as films.

We take a look at five TV shows that were filmed in the North East of Scotland.


The Crown

Viewers of Netflix series The Crown, starring Claire Foy and Matt Smith, will have noticed Slains Castle and Cruden Bay appear in the drama about the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Cruden Bay acts as Castle of Mey’s beach in episode 8, while Slains Castle itself was given a makeover, including fake windows and doors added.

Cruden Bay Golf Club’s clubhouse was also used as a changing room by some of the actors.



Gritty two-part drama Stonemouth, based on the Iain Banks novel of the same name, was filmed on the streets of Macduff.

The show, which aired on BBC1 in Scotland in 2015, saw lead character Stewart Gilmour return to a fictional seaport hometown, Stonemouth, for a funeral.

The Old Moray pub features in the drama – but only the exterior! The scenes inside the pub were shot elsewhere, due to size constraints.  


Tutti Frutti

Starring Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson, six-part drama Tutti Frutti aired on BBC Scotland in 1987. Set – and filmed – in Buckie, the BAFTA-winning show tells the story of rock ‘n’ roll band The Majestics.

Despite having achieved cult status, the BBC only released the drama on DVD in 2009. There have been several rumours about the 22 year delay in release, including suggestions that it was down to a music rights dispute, and over contract negotiations.


The Box of Delights

Anyone who has seen The Box of Delights, originally aired in 1984, may have been surprised that Aberdeen was the filming location for the John Masefield novel adaptation.

Why? Well, because the book is set in South West England – not Banchory. However, the northern venue was chosen for the BBC six-part show as snow was necessary for the Christmassy tale.

Originally broadcast one episode a week, with the finale on Christmas Eve, the show tells the story of schoolchild Kay travelling home for Christmas when he is entrusted as owner of a magical box which contains the secret of immortality (among other things).



For those who have seen epic time-travelling saga Outlander, it will come as no shock that the Tulloch Ghru (near the Cairngorms) features – and can be seen in season one’s opening credits.

Based on Diana Gabaldon’s books, the Outlander series tells the story of English WW2 nurse Claire, who is sent back to Jacobean Scotland, where she meets and falls in love with Highlander Jamie.

The area is featured in the first episode, when Claire, Jamie and a series of clansmen travel to the fictional Castle Leoch.


Of course, there are many other shows and scenes shot in Aberdeenshire, such as 1994’s BBC drama Roughnecks and 2008’s The Hairy Bikers.

Can you think of any other shows we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.


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