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11 ways to make new owners feel welcome in your old home

We take a look at eleven little ways that you can make new owners feel welcome in your home, after they’ve picked up the keys.

11 ways to make new owners feel welcome in your old home

There’s nothing more exciting than walking into your new home for the first time – and as a seller, you’ll no doubt be thrilled when the sale goes through. We take a look at eleven little ways that you can make new owners feel welcome in your home, after they’ve picked up the keys.

Cleaning the house

 As you remove furniture, clothes and miscellaneous items from the property, you’ll discover dust, grime and the occasional hidden nasty.

In order to make the rooms fresh for the new owner, who may be moving their furniture in straight away, you should always do a ‘deep clean’ – hoover, scrub surfaces and clear out those old tins from the cupboard.

Cutting the grass

If you’ve sold your home in spring, summer or early autumn, and have a garden, consider taking a few minutes out to cut the grass and prune any trees for the new owners.

It’s something that may not be forefront on their minds when they move (and if it’s their first home, they may not have a lawnmower), so they will appreciate the time you’ve taken.

During late autumn or winter, raking up leaves or shovelling snow from your driveway will also be a huge help.

Arranging for rubbish uplift

Throwing out your old microwave? Or maybe you’ve decided to say goodbye to that rusty bike that’s been sitting in the shed and you never use.

If you’re not able to take them to the local dump, arrange for an uplift from your home before you leave – the sight of a pile of rubbish lying in front of a new home isn’t appealing for a new owner. If for some reason the council cannot pick up the rubbish until a few days after the move, it’s polite to let the new owner’s solicitor know, so it does not come as a surprise to the owner.

Stick to any requests

Agreed to leave your fridge, washing machine or cooker for the owners? Make sure that they are left clean and in good condition. The same goes for any furniture you have agreed to leave – wipe down that kitchen table.

Fix any issues

You’ve lived with that dripping tap or slightly wonky cabinet door for a while now, and it’s come to the stage where you almost ignore it. But even a small thing like that can be a nightmare to someone new – so if it’s a quick fix that you’ve just been putting off, it’s worth rolling up your sleeve and doing a little DIY.

Leave toilet roll and lightbulbs

It should probably go without saying, but it is considered common courtesy to leave some toilet roll for the use of the new home owners – and working lightbulbs.

That’s not to say that a full twelve-pack of four-ply toilet paper and brand new bulbs are needed, but enough to get through at least a day or two is polite.

If you’re feeling particularly friendly, a small bar of soap would also be likely to be much appreciated.

Leave out manuals

Leaving any manuals or warrantees for white goods such as a washing machine is great information for anyone moving in. Don’t forget the boiler – manuals and information about the last inspection will be well received.

Leaving these out on a work surface in the kitchen, or another easy-to-spot place is a good idea.

Useful information

As well as manuals, new owners will often be grateful for local information such as what day bins are collected, and where the nearest (or best) restaurants and shops are.

If you took the new owners around your home for their viewing and remember anything they said e.g. if they take the bus into town for work, it’s a lovely idea to write instructions on where they can catch the nearest bus. If it is a family with children and you can recommend things to do in the area, I’m sure the new owners will also be happy to hear your suggestions.

However, even little things like the names of the next door neighbour(s) is also useful – especially for forgetful people!

Takeaway menus

Who can be bothered cooking on the first night in a home? Leaving a pile of takeaway menus (and recommending your favourites) can help make the new owners feel more at home, and make that first night a success.

Don’t be in the house when they arrive

Try to stagger your leaving times so you are not still packing up your removal van when the new owners are arriving.

Not only can it be slightly uncomfortable, it can lead to confusion over boxes.

Leave a card (and even a present)

As a final touch, what better way to welcome new owners to the home that you have known and loved than with a card?

A little message wishing them the best of luck will bring a smile to their faces – and feel free to add your phone number in case they have any questions, or your new address in case any mail is delivered to your old house by accident.

A little gift such as a bottle of wine, some chocolates or a plant is also a lovely idea.


Do you have any other tips to make new owners feel at home? Let us know in the comments.


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