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Tips to Dress your House

Forget buying new things to spruce up your home, preparatory to selling – when it comes to showing a home less is nearly always more.

Tips to Dress your House

Forget buying new things to spruce up your home, preparatory to selling – when it comes to showing a home less is nearly always more. If anything, it may be worth storing some furniture away so viewers can see the space’s full potential!

While new furniture will not, normally, be a necessity, it’s probable that you’ll have some sprucing up to do before you start marketing. Providing there isn’t anything in dire need of improvement, there are ways to freshen up your property without breaking the budget. We’ve listed some tips below which, even if you’re not selling, may come in handy for giving your home a makeover.


Picture Perfect For many of us walls are a space to showcase happy family memories and achievements – but remember that your viewers won’t have the sentimental attachment that you have to the contents of the frames.

Why not get a head start on your packing and clear that wall space ahead of showing your home? Why not replace with an eye catching framed print which can be purchased inexpensively from a number of outlets.

Create a seamlessly elegant effect with an image which has been split across three canvases (a triptych), or a series of matching photos (such as photos of local spots). It gives the impression that the room has been purposefully designed, while incurring very little effort (or cost!) on your part.

Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall

Another cost-effective way of sprucing up your home is with mirrors, which, as well as being an effective and neutral decoration – can help make a space look bigger.  A well-placed mirror can give the illusion of depth, as well as reflecting both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter.

Entrance vestibules and inner hallways can be modest areas and can feel more spacious with the addition of a horizontal mirror to open the space up.

As well as being functionally convenient, putting a full-length mirror on a door can stop smaller bathrooms from feeling too cramped – ideal for en-suites or cloakrooms which have been converted into washrooms.  

Throw On – Not Out

You may have items of seating which have served you well but are showing the effects of long service. It might be an aged settee, now lumpy and distressed, or perhaps occasional wine spillages have left their mark.

There is no need to replace it, only to have to transport the new furniture come moving day. Buy a throw to brighten it up. It will have the benefit of bringing a new feel, while also being able to cover any damage that might give the room an overly worn appearance.

If you do decide to freshen things up with a blanket or a throw, don’t plump for a patchwork quilt. It’s important that what you choose makes the room feel new – so opt for something quite neutral that will add a classy touch to whatever it happens to be draped over. 


Make the Fourth Wall

A lick of paint or new wallpaper is a common suggestion when it comes to freshening up a room. It can be quite expensive to do this to a professional standard, which may be the standard that you would want your viewers to experience.

Instead of papering the four walls – why not pick just one? For example, a feature wall behind the bed in your bedroom can help bring the room into focus and add a touch of style. It wouldn’t even need to be anything overly complicated, simply a colour that stands out from the other walls will be enough to regenerate a tired décor and demonstrate the room’s potential.


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