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Tricks to save electricity

We’ve pulled together a list of energy saving tips that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Tricks to save electricity

There are things we can do around the house to save a bit of energy here and there, but sometimes the more obvious things (such as loft insulation, or double glazing) are a no go – especially if you’re renting.

We’ve pulled together a list of tips that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine, and while they might not seem like much – when you add them all together you’ll find yourself saving a tidy sum by the end of the year!

Heating’s Cheating

We all like to walk into a toasty home, especially with the weather we’ve been having recently, but would you really notice if your home was ONE degree LESS toasty?

Lowering the thermostat by just one degree can save you up to £60 a year. So, donning the indoor winter wear (cosy socks, woolly jumpers etc.) and relying less on your heating could be an excellent way to bulk up those savings.

It is also a misconception that shorter blasts of stronger heat are a more energy efficient way to warm your home, in fact it can be more economical to keep your heating on, at a lower level, constantly.

Lightbulb Moments

It’s a request many of us grew up hearing, and some of us may have now got to the stage that we bark it at our own children – but with good reason, switching the lights off really does make a difference to your energy bill. Having the lights on in the bedrooms while everyone is downstairs in the kitchen is a needless expense, and getting into the habit of flipping a switch when you leave a room is a fairly painless way to save a little here and there. 

However, it’s not just lights that can run away with your electricity. Just because you’re not using your electronics doesn’t mean that they’re not guzzling up power. So instead of leaving things on standby, switch them off properly when you’re not using them. This includes chargers, TVs and games consoles – if you add it all up you’ll be surprised at how much energy can leak away throughout the day!

Curtain Calls

The first thing we want to do on a beautiful day is throw the curtains open wide and let the sunlight brighten our home. However, if the weather is as hot as it is sunny – then you could also be inadvertently heating your home!

Drawing the curtains stops the sun heating up your house, so you don’t have to rely on air conditioning and fans as much. In fact – drawing the curtains is a good call for most extreme temperatures – as it stops heat escaping in the colder (and altogether more common) weather.

Remember it’s not just big spaces like windows that warm air can seep out of. If you’re feeling the cold be sure to draught proof any doors or cracks before you reach for the thermostat dial.

Keep a lid on it 

Cooking up a storm? Covering your pots and pans will speed up cooking times - getting dinner on the table more quickly and using less heat while you’re at it!

The ring you choose to heat your food can also be key in saving energy. If you use too big a ring for a small pan – then energy be wasted. Similarly, if you use a big pan on a small ring, the pan will take longer to heat up – wasting energy.

Be cool

Around 90% of the energy consumed by washing machines is spent heating water, so opting for the lower temperature on your wash programme is not only kinder to the environment – but also your wallet! Bio washing powders are specifically designed to be more effective in cooler water, so you don’t have to compromise the quality of your wash.

As well as shrinking your bills, cooler cycles have the added benefit of not shrinking your clothes (which tends to happen when the heat is turned up…), which means this particular saving tip is a win-win!

Switch it up

Last but not least – never be scared to switch it up when it comes to your energy supplier. Just because you’re a tenant doesn’t mean that you have to inherit a bad deal!

Work out your energy expenditure patterns and have a look on a price comparison site to see if there’s something out there that would suit you better than your current tariff. Homeowners and renters alike are consistently spending too much on their bills, when swapping could end up saving them hundreds of pounds a year! It really is quite simple to switch and there are web sites to assist. It can be surprising just how much difference a switch can make.


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