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Five beaches in Aberdeenshire to visit during summer

Aberdeenshire is well known for its panoramic and picturesque coastlines. Here are five beautiful beaches which you can sink your toes into this summer.

Five beaches in Aberdeenshire to visit during summer

The sand beneath your feet, the wind in your hair and, occasionally, the sun beating down on your face. There’s nothing quite like a day out at the beach. Aberdeenshire is well known for its panoramic and picturesque coastlines. Here are five beautiful beaches which you can sink your toes into this summer.

1. Inverboyndie Beach


(Image: Visit Aberdeen)

Considered one of the best surfing spots in the North East, Inverboyndie Beach is popular with surfers, windsurfers, swimmers and walkers alike. Located to the east of Banff and measuring around 700m long, this sandy beach is the perfect location for a brisk morning stroll.

There are family-friendly amenities including a large children’s play area and plenty of picnic spots. Keep an eye on the sea as dolphins are often spotted from the shore.

After you’ve had your fill on the beach, head back towards Banff. The historic town makes for a great day out, offering one of Scotland’s best-preserved townscapes featuring Banff Castle with its distinctive yellow facade. Home to the Duff House Royal Golf Club and Royal Tarlair Golf Club, this area is also a great staycation spot for keen golfers.

2. Aberdeen City Beach

Aberdeen Beach

(Image: Kay Gillespie - follow her at The Chaotic Scot)

Visit the city and the seaside in the same afternoon, by taking a trip to the vast Aberdeen Beach, popular with locals and tourists alike.

While the water is deemed too cold for a proper swim, it’s perfect for a paddle or you can walk along the length of the promenade, taking in the cafes, shops and attractions. On the seafront, you’ll spot the Beach Ballroom, housed in a B-listed art deco building. This entertainment hub is famous for its bouncing dance floor that sits atop fixed steel springs.

3. Stonehaven Beach


Stonehaven Bay is the perfect setting for a great day out. At just over one kilometer in length, the half-moon shaped bay features a busy working harbour, rocky outcrops towards the north and the sandy stretch towards the south, ideal for sunbathers. This particular beach is popular with watersports enthusiasts.

You’ll be treated to some quite stunning views when visiting Stonehaven Bay, with the surrounding cliffs and dramatic Dunnottar Castle enclosing the water. The castle is said to have once housed Scotland’s crown jewels. For more interesting tales from this historic area, head to the old Tolbooth museum. It’s considered to be Stonehaven’s oldest building, boasting a fascinating past.

4. Balmedie Beach

 Balmedie Beach

The golden sands of this beach stretch as far as the eye can see. Walkers can stroll across the flat shore for miles north or south, taking in the breathtaking views of this unique location. Praised for its beauty, cleanliness and serene atmosphere, Balmedie Beach is somewhere you can switch off from the rest of the world and truly relax – surprising as it’s only five miles away from Aberdeen.

The seaside spot sits within Balmedie Country Park, making it part of a dune system running north of the River Ythan. The beach has won numerous awards over the years and has a colourful history, acting as a WWII ‘bomb cemetery’ - a place where unexploded bombs would be safely detonated along the foreshore.

5. Newburgh Beach

Newburgh Beach

Wildlife enthusiasts will no doubt be fans of Newburgh Beach. It’s the perfect spot to watch hundreds of seals in their natural habitat, with the beach’s colony thought to be around 400 strong. For personal safety, it is not advised to approach within 150m of the seals, with the south side of the estuary considered to be the best spot to view the animals without disturbing them. Birdwatchers are in for a treat too, with eider ducks, oyster catchers and diving terns all nesting at Newburgh.

This beach is off the typical tourist path, so you won’t find the usual amenities nearby, making Newburgh a proper getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Which beach will you choose to visit this summer?


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