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Country or City Living - Which would you choose?

Choosing where to live is one of the most important life decisions. A question often asked in the North East: "Are you a 'toonser' or a 'teuchter'"? Both types of environments have their benefits and drawbacks. In our area we are fortunate to have very little in the way of urban sprawl and equally fortunate to live amongst some of the most beautiful countryside. So, which do you prefer?

Country or City Living - Which would you choose?

Which lifestyle do you prefer?

Country living gained greater prominence during Covid 19 when it became clear that isolation in cities was difficult to achieve, and, more importantly, could have repercussions on well being and mental health. There was a “rush to rural” when restrictions on home moving eased, as folk sought to gain distance from crowds. Now that it seems likely that we can, with due care, live, more or less normally, in urban settlements, let’s look at some of the advantages of both rural and urban living.

The benefits of living in the countryside

Many of the benefits are plain to see. Open space, beautiful scenery, fresh air, peace and quiet, and, generally, lower house prices. This is not universally true, as supply and demand can mean, in certain areas, prices approach City prices. As a rule of thumb, however, it does apply widely.

Our rural areas comprise coastal, rolling agricultural and mountain scenery, so we are spoiled for choice. You can choose to live in a clifftop village with sweeping sea vistas and big sky. You can enjoy the cliff paths and seabird colonies. You can take comfort from the cooling sea fogs, when folk in inland Aberdeenshire are just about expiring from the heat.

You can choose to live on the coastal plain, surrounded by fertile, cultivated farmland. Full of big skies and undulating panoramas, solitude can be found here, without doubt. This is intensively farmed land. Farmers are industrious types and get on with their work whenever the elements are favourable. That can mean working from dawn to dusk, and beyond, for them.

Inland, towards the headwaters of our various rivers, lie the mountains. The scenery in the valleys of the foothills can be unsurpassed for interest and beauty. Wildlife abounds, nature burgeons, and gardeners have a hard time keeping plants safe from predation.

Despite the ability to find space in our rural areas, the provision of services and facilities is more than adequate. Schools, medical, shopping and recreation facilities are adequately provided for, albeit you may have to drive there and back. 

The benefits of living in the city

Ah, city living, now there is the perfect blend of amenity and lifestyle, in many people’s view. Shops, cinemas, theatres, sporting facilities, pubs and hotels, all within easy reach.  Supermarkets, specialist shops, health services – all convenient and comfortingly close. Museums and art galleries, music and drama festivals, schools – the list could go on.

But, just as in the rural setting, there are drawbacks. Noise, traffic, anti – social behaviour, crowds, can all play a part in diluting the city living experience.

What can be said, however, is that in the North East, both city and country living are substantially less affected by the downsides and are undoubtedly highly endowed with the respective benefits of each type of lifestyle.

Most of us, it appears, prefer to live in urban settings, and it is not hard to discern why. A significant minority do prefer to enjoy country living, and here, in the North East of Scotland, those who wish to lead a life in the country are fortunate to have a wide range of superb locations from which to choose.

At ASPC, we help buyers, renters and sellers across the North East to find their ideal home, whether they prefer the idea of city life in Aberdeen, or a more rural lifestyle in one of the many communities in the shire.

Our team has created a range of insightful blog posts and information pages that will inspire, inform, and guide you.


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