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10 top tips for getting your home noticed

In this blog post, we’ve shared our 10 top tips for staging your home for property photos, and how you can get your home noticed by prospective buyers looking to make their move to a home like yours…

10 top tips for getting your home noticed

When it comes to selling your property, it’s crucial that you showcase the very best of your home and create a great first impression. With so many properties on the market now, you want your home to stand out from the others for all the right reasons.

In this blog post, we’ve shared our top 10 tips for staging your home to get your home noticed by prospective buyers looking to make their move…

Choose a professional photographer

Although it may seem like a way to save costs, investing in a professional photographer will really give you the best chance of getting your property noticed on ASPC. You can take photos yourself but a professional photographer ensures each room and details are shown in the best light and angle. A photographer has the luxury of having a state-of-the-art camera with multiple lenses meaning the quality is second to none.

Poor quality photographs may not display well on the results on our website, and will be unlikely to be promoted through social media or publications. It is a false economy to omit professional photography.

Ensuring a professional photographer takes the photos of your home will increase the chances of getting your home noticed, impress prospective buyers and ensure a speedier sale.

Clear your home of clutter

When it comes to showcasing your home, you need to clear away as much clutter as possible to show it to its full potential. Move appliances off the kitchen worktops, remove any fridge magnets, keep children’s toys hidden and make sure your shower gels and toothbrushes are out of sight.

It can even  be worthwhile clearing out some items of furniture, say, by using flexi storage, or your garage, if you have one.

Yes, your home is lived in, but removing any clutter will not only help to make the room look cleaner and spacious, it also helps the photographer, allowing viewers to focus on the room itself.

Keep personal items hidden

Similarly, it’s important to keep any personal items out of sight in your  photos. Although having family photos on the walls and your latest bedtime read on the nightstand may not seem like much of a distraction, you want people to look at your property as if it’s a blank canvas for them to call home, rather than feeling like they’re intruding on your space.

Keeping coats and shoes tidied away and hiding any pet food and beds, for example, can make a big difference in limiting any distractions in your property photos, and creating a more neutral yet inviting space that potential buyers will feel drawn to.

Clean your home

It may seem obvious, but giving your home a deep clean from top to bottom is crucial for ensuring it stands out among other property listings. Even a professional photographer can’t make a messy home look clean through angles and editing.

Make sure all surfaces have been dusted, mirrors are pristine and floors have been thoroughly mopped or hoovered. Although it may seem like minor details will go unnoticed, it really does make a big difference to how the room looks.

Don’t neglect the exterior

Although most of your property’s photos will be taken inside the home, the outside is equally important when it comes to listing your property and creating a great first impression - after all, the outside of the home is the first thing people will see when they come to view your home.

Do what you can to move any vehicles from the outside of your home. Clear the garden and driveway of any clutter - such as bins and hoses. Mow the lawn and make sure the garden has been cleared of weeds and leaves. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living here, so showcasing the outside of your home to its fullest potential is crucial for getting your property noticed.

Choose a nice day for having the photos taken

Scottish weather can be tricky to predict,  but try to ensure you choose a nice sunny day for having your external property photos taken. Not only does this make the exterior look more inviting, it also allows for more natural light to come through the windows for the interior shots, making your home look brighter and welcoming.

Check the weather forecast ahead of the shoot and remember that morning or midday is an optimum time for getting the most sunlight all year round. Another great piece of advice is to make sure you never shoot the front of your property when the sun is behind it, as this will make the exterior harder to see in the photo.

Consider your layout

Even though you’ll have long established places for all your existing furniture, don’t be afraid to move things around if needed. Rearranging the furniture slightly can make a huge difference to the space overall and may mean the room looks more spacious and open, which will make your home more appealing for potential buyers.

Changing the layout of your furniture might also make it easier on the day for the photographer, freeing up space for them to position themselves and take the best photos of each room.

Set the scene

Going the extra mile when it comes to staging your home for property photos may seem insignificant - but it’s these  details that can really separate your home from  others for sale in your area.

Setting the dining room table, adding a stylish throw blanket to a nicely made bed, plumping any scatter cushions and even adding fresh flowers really do make your home more memorable for the right reasons. Even if this isn’t typically what you would do, you want to showcase your home to its absolute best in order to create a lasting impression.

Let there be light

Before getting property photos taken, it’s important to make sure your home is well lit throughout to ensure the photos look their best. Lighting is an important factor to get right, from the beginning, rather than relying on photo editing software.

Replace any light bulbs that have gone out, keep curtains and blinds open and turn on all lights to maximise the brightness of each room. Not only will this help to make your home look more inviting, it also ensures the photos are of a high quality and enhance your property’s visual appeal among the listings.

Choose the right main image

Finally, once you’ve had your property photos taken and it’s time to list your property, it’s important to choose the best main image for your home’s listing. You want the first image to be one that grabs people’s attention and stands out from all the other homes for sale.

If your home has a charming exterior and kerb-appeal, lead with a nice image of the front of your property. If you often get compliments on the decor or how spacious your home is, choose an interior shot to be your main image and advise your solicitor on your choice so you can put your home’s best foot forward.

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