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How to add value to your home

To help you get started with putting your home on the market, we asked two experts some questions on what homeowners can do to add value to their property - one a local architect and the other a keen DIY enthusiast who recently sold her property after renovating it herself.

How to add value to your home

How to add value to your home

If you’re hoping to work your way further up the property ladder, or eventually relocate to somewhere new, it’s important to consider how you can maximise the value of your current home so it’s easier to sell when the time comes to put it on the market.

To help you get started, we asked two experts some questions on what homeowners can do to add value to their property - one a local architect and the other a keen DIY enthusiast and influencer who recently sold her property after renovating it entirely by herself…


Ask the Architect - Ian McGregor, Director / Architect of Albyn Architects

  • What would be the key ways people can add value to their home? 

“Typically, there are 2 types of home improvement which can add value to your home. Adding bedrooms or a master suite can add significant value and elevate your home so it’s more in line with the accommodation new build properties offer. Another key area which people look to improve is to create an open-plan kitchen/dining/family space. This has become very popular with newer home designs and is very versatile for both couples and families. Adding natural daylight and creating direct access to the garden.”

  • Are there any quick wins you would recommend? 

“I would say you don't always have to extend. Adding an extension is quite a commonly held belief on how to add value to your home, but you can actually knock down internal partitions to create an open-plan space instead. At Albyn Architects, I have worked on several projects like this and they have been very successful.

“Adding sliding or bi-folding doors to the rear of the property can also open up the space and create a seamless link to the garden space. Converting your garage is another way of creating additional space in your home, whether it is for an additional bedroom, playroom or to form a utility or shower room.”

  • Is there anything that people commonly think would add value to their home that's actually a myth? 

“Spending money on creating a home gym or separate garden room/office may seem like a good idea, but they are actually quite unlikely to add value to your property. In terms of interior design, making your home personal to your taste is a nice way to make a property your home, but not everyone has the same design taste and this may put potential buyers off.”

  • Are there any bigger renovation projects that might pay off when it comes to adding value to a home before putting it on the market? 

“A well designed extension or refurbishment project might not massively increase the value of your home over what it costs to build, but it can make your property more sellable. It used to be that everyone wanted a property to renovate, but properties which are in move-in condition tend to sell for the best price and fairly quickly after they are put on the market.”


Ask the seller - Alex Lawson of @casalawson, home seller and DIY / interiors enthusiast

  • Did you have selling your property in mind when doing your renovations, or was it more for your own benefit?

“It was more for my own benefit, I always knew that beautifully presented houses sold well but it became much more of a hobby for me at the time and so renovating my home was just for my own enjoyment.” 

  • Are there any rooms / areas of the home that you would prioritise?

“I think the garden was the real selling point for my property as I completely transformed it during my time there and it was a fantastic second entertaining space for the summer months. I also think the entranceway is super important as this is a first impression for people as they walk through the door, and it’s often overlooked as it’s not a designated room.” 


  • Are there any recommendations you would have for doing the home viewings?

“When I was having people view my home I always had all lamps and mood lighting on during viewings and lit candles to add to the cosy mood and ambience that makes you feel at home. I also switched on all the garden lights when it was dark enough to help create a welcoming  atmosphere as well.”

Living Room

  • Is there anything you would do differently or anything you regret?

“There isn’t anything I would do differently with this home, other than flooring the garage when I first moved in. Since lockdown, loads of people are converting their garages into home gyms or offices that they can use without it encroaching on their homely setup. After a while I really wanted to get it floored right until I moved out but with so much stuff stored in there it became very difficult!”

  • Are there any particular features that you think really helped to add value to your home?

“I think adding colour, artwork and shelves to the property made a real difference, and stood out a bit more than people just coming into a white box - it really felt like a home rather than just a house. I also added a faux built out chimney breast in the living room which helped to add real depth and a striking feature that was quite unique.”

  • What tips or recommendations would you give to people who are looking to add value to their home?

“I would highly recommend getting at least three quotes for any jobs you’re going to have professionals do. But before turning to the professionals, figure out what you can and can’t do yourself. Before I moved into my home I had never even put up a shelf, but with each project I learned more and was able to expand my skill set further. I’d encourage everyone to have a go like I did, as you might be surprised at what you’re able to achieve, which helps save on the budget massively!”

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