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Loch Muick

ASPC invited photographers to participate in our 2023 photography competition by submitting images of the local area. We have selected 12 winners, who, in addition to receiving a modest gift, are featured on our website home page.

Loch Muick

Those of us at ASPC value the many benefits of living in the North-East. A particular feature is the variety and quality of our landscape. In a competition last year, we asked photographers of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to send us their favourite images. We selected 12 meritorious entrants each to have their image featured on our website home page for a month. We also donated a modest gift to each.

This month’s lovely photo was submitted by Gordon Duncan. Loch Muick is a popular spot in the North East. It is situated on the eastern approaches to the Grampian mountains, close by mighty Lochnagar. The loch affords a fine circular walk, suitable for those who do not wish to tackle the mountains, while still conferring the benefits of solitude and magnificent scenery. Be sure to take good footwear and clothing as the weather can be changeable.

The loch is also a favourite of our Royal Family, as Balmoral estate is close by.

We thought that Gordon had captured the very essence of Loch Muick in his splendid photograph. There is the magnificent setting; the loch tending to ‘disappear’ into the mountains, beguiling in their remoteness and splendour, in the distance.  The sun is shining, but there are clouds lowering over the mountains, suggesting changeable weather. The surface of the loch is ruffled by wind and the tree in the foreground, with its one-sided foliage, is further testimony to the occasional severity of the prevailing wind.

And yet, the presence of the building, while rudimentary in its nature, is proof that nature does relent sufficiently to allow humankind a presence in the mountains. We live in a beautiful part of our country and are fortunate to have an abundance of such scenery close by.

I have a special fondness for Loch Muick and Lochnagar, recalling a New Year ascent, in fresh snow but flat calm and gin clear weather. It was brilliant at the summit, with breathtaking views in all directions. Stunning!

If you’re interested in learning more about each one of our images as part of our photography competition, then why not take a look at one of our previous submissions, here.


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