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Stonehaven Harbour

ASPC invited photographers to participate in our 2023 photography competition by submitting images of the local area. We have selected 12 winners, who, in addition to receiving a modest gift, are featured on our website home page.

Stonehaven Harbour

ASPC invited local photographers to submit their best images of our area. We have selected 12 winners, who will each earn a deserved feature on our website home page alongside receiving a modest gift.

This month’s captivating photo was submitted by Mike Diamond. It will be instantly recognised, by many, as Stonehaven Harbour, albeit in an atypically flat calm morning. Sailing off the North East coast is not for everyone due to the numerous rocky shores, but Stonehaven is a popular spot for recreational sailing.

Mike has captured the very essence of a beautiful summer morning, before the elements stir into action. Adding to the perfection, the tide is well in. We can all remember mornings like this, when the promise of a good day is confirmed on stepping outside into warmth and lack of breeze. On days like these, the pessimistic local saying – “sun before seven, rain by eleven” is almost certainly going to be proved wrong.

Here is a perfect morning, one that is bound to lead on to a lovely summer’s day. We will not need our brolly!

Mike’s photo must have been taken early in the morning. Judging by the shadows behind the trees, the sun is fairly low and well to the easterly quarter – suggesting close to mid - summer. Additionally, there seems to be very little human activity, if any, visible in the photo.

Stonehaven is more than just a harbour, of course, with its own, local character, distinctive from the City. Home to the ceremony of the fireballs at new year, and long a popular holiday resort in the summer, the town is popular as an outing for Aberdonians. There are many great amenities in and around the town. A golf course with a distinctive character sits atop the coastal cliffs to the north of the town. There is a superb, open air, salt - water swimming pool at the seafront. Numerous great pubs and restaurants are available for delicious food and refreshment.

Mike’s photo, we thought, perfectly captured a perfect morning, just as the town is stirring.

If you’re interested in learning more about each one of our images as part of our photography competition, then why not take a look at one of our previous submissions, here.


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