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Harbingers of better days

ASPC invited photographers across the region to participate in our 2024 photography competition by submitting images of the area. We have selected 12 winners, who, in addition to receiving a modest gift, are featured on our website home page each month.

Harbingers of better days

This month’s engaging photo was submitted by David Majsterek at RSPB Fowlsheugh, which might ring a bell as Crawton. The reserve is situated a few miles south of Stonehaven off the main road. Access is on a narrow country road and parking is limited, but it is worth a look. 

The photo shows a lively pair of puffins. March can be a frustrating month in the North East – the days are lengthening, light grows stronger, but there can be a stubborn reluctance on the part of the weather to soften the cold grip of winter. 

Some cheering signs do help to alleviate the frustration of waiting for spring to arrive. Spring flowers persist, whatever the weather, and geese can be seen starting the migration northwards to their summer grounds.

Puffins are pelagic, living out at sea until they head for land to breed. Puffins normally arrive in Scotland in mid to late April, and remain until August, when they head back out to the fastness of the seas.

I thought this was such a bright and entertaining photograph, it would help us endure the last few weeks of winter in a sunnier frame of mind. One cannot help being cheered by these amusing faces.

If you’re interested in learning more about each one of our images as part of our photography

competition, then why not take a look at one of our previous submissions, here.


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