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Royal Deeside

Portraying the picturesque landscapes of the North East, we invited photographers across Aberdeen to participate in our 2023 photography competition by submitting images of the local area. We have selected 12 winners, who, in addition to receiving a modest gift, are featured on our website home page.

Royal Deeside

This month’s superb photo was submitted by Anna Horne. It shows a view of one of the many beautiful locations in the valley of the River Dee – known more widely, perhaps, as “Royal Deeside”.

This is The Queen’s View, in the Howe of Cromar. The view is believed to have been a favourite of Queen Victoria, and, if true, it is easy to see why. I think this may be taken from the Tarland Road. A panoramic view, over undulating farmland, leads the eye to the splendid Lochnagar massif in the far distance. Other peaks visible include Mount Keen (to the left, and distant) and Morven (to the right). There is a roadside viewpoint a little further on, towards Tarland, with a good indicator pointing out local landmarks.

Anna’s picture has captured the scene beautifully. The winter landscape adds something to the overall effect. Notice how low the sun is in the sky. This is likely to be around midwinter. I would hazard a guess in the early afternoon, with the sun maybe just a touch west of south.

There is something rare in the beauty of Deeside, combining rolling farmlands with the river and mountains close by. We should not forget the other river valleys in Aberdeenshire, each with their own, particular, merits, but a photograph such as Anna’s amply demonstrates why Royal Deeside is regarded, by many, as a favourite.

If you’re interested in learning more about each one of our images as part of our photography competition, then why not take a look at one of our previous submissions, here.


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